Rushy Rockets

Get in your rocket 🚀 and solve randomly generated puzzles in space 🌌

    🌠 Explore space and put your skills to the test by perfecting your timing. Will you fly further and score higher than the other players?
    💯 Find the perfect way through some of the tricky levels and collect extra combo points.
    🚀 Unlock new rockets and spaceships with different abilities.
    🌍 Upgrade your planet and unlock new skins.
    ⚛ Support science!

    Crashy Cakes

    Defend your christmas presents 🎁 against waves of powerful enemies with cake 🎂

      🎂 Bake new cakes when you run out of ammo.
      Be careful not to burn your cakes!

      🚀 Take gifts from your enemies and combine them into different power-ups!
      🔨 Craft defensive structures like firework-mines and cake-cannons.
      🌟 Unlock new skins and climb the leaderboard.
      ⚛ Support science!