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April 2021




Drill Keeper is a unique mix of roguelite deckbuilding and tower defense, in which you strip completely destructible worlds of their riches to ensure your survival. Combine cards, artefacts and runes to create an indestructible mining expedition and defend it against hostile creatures.


Work on the first versions of Drill Keeper started in April 2021. I had just submitted my PhD thesis and had some time to test different concepts for a video game I would like myself. During that time I had played a lot of roguelike deckbuilders in particular, which were a great source of inspiration for combining card games with other genres. A bit more than two years after starting development, the project was now announced under the name Drill Keeper.


  • Unique Gameplay: Drill Keeper offers a unique blend of deckbuilding, tower defense and base building elements in a single game. Explore fully destructible worlds, gather ressources, and play cards to build smart defenses.
  • Enemy Steering: The completely destructible map allows you to dig paths in the world with your pickaxe. This allows you to direct the movement of enemies and force them through your heaviest defences.
  • Dynamic Deckbuilding: Unlock new cards to customize your starting deck to match your strategy before a run. Find more cards during a run and choose wisely which ones to add to your deck.
  • Replayability: Each world is procedurally generated and offers unique challenges. Customize your tactics with unlockable runes and cards to be ready for the challenges of Chaos Mode!


Drill Keeper – Announcement Trailer: Youtube Link



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ShoulderByte is a solo video game developer consisting of Dennis Strümpel that is based in Hamburg, Germany.